About WorkCap

"Experts in everything credit control, debt recovery and operations. The team to turn to when looking to unlock working capital from your business through a blend of optimised traditional methods and technology driven solutions"

Over the past decade we’ve worked with organisations of all sizes, specialising in accounts receivable, credit control and debt recovery, as a part of their overall operational and working capital efficiency. In each case we offer an alternative mindset, challenging the status quo and presenting actionable plans. By leveraging existing resources and innovating through technology, we help maximise available capital organically, allowing your business to thrive.

Our Story

WorkCap was founded in the midst of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic when an existing challenge was thrust directly into the spotlight: small to medium size businesses requiring support and expertise that simply weren’t reasonably accessible. Various schemes were launched reactively in an attempt to give businesses a fighting chance but most still remain unserved to this day.

Having worked in and with SMEs for the past decade, we’re perfectly positioned to have a genuine understanding of business processes across most industries. We’ve walked the same path, facing and overcoming many of the same challenges. This gives us a distinct advantage and aligns us even more closely to you and the goals you’re aiming to achieve.

Our Mission

“We’re here to make a difference to businesses and their people, challenging the norms to boost working capital… we work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and identify where we can have the maximum positive impact.”

We feel there’s so much more to business than just processes, cash and clients. Business owners and leadership should have the time to focus on steering the ship, rather than regularly manning the oars (don’t worry, we get that manning the oars is necessary now and then)! That said, we all need to make sure processes are optimal, cashflow is closely managed and clients are happy. These elements need continual oversight but many businesses find it a stretch. That’s where we can help.

We’re here to make a difference to businesses and their people, challenging the norms to boost working capital. We can help introduce better processes, saving time, money and effort, which may be better utilised elsewhere. Sometimes it’s a single overdue invoice, other times it’s a fully outsourced function or business strategy. We understand that and work closely with clients to understand their specific need, identifying where we can have the maximum positive impact.

Who are we?

Simon Hughes - Founder and Managing Director

With a proven background in operations management and a specialist focus on debt and technology (most recently from one of Europe’s fastest growing fintechs), Simon has a comprehensive knowledge of the way things work in companies of all shapes and sizes. He’s most excited when learning the ins and outs of individual businesses, innovating to solve all manner of problems and optimising processes along the way.

Having taken a career break at the end of 2019 to be a full time parent to his young daughter, Simon continued to keep a close eye on the economy and industry developments. It was clear the same challenges remained but for small/medium sized businesses it was particularly apparent. These were compounded with the coronavirus pandemic hitting hard early in 2020 causing huge uncertainty.

Simon spent a lot of his time informally advising and helping businesses navigate this difficult period.  That prompted him to accelerate his medium term plan. Starting something that would genuinely understand, have empathy and make a positive, lasting difference to companies and their people. A business that would create true value whilst staying true to its values.

WorkCap was founded with a mission of helping businesses not just tick over but grow – thrive not just survive. Alongside family life (and trying to play golf), this is Simon’s passion.

Oliver Hughes (ACA) - Director

Oliver is an ACA Chartered accountant, with over 10 years experience in finance. His career began in a small family run business fulfilling the day to day finance function, which included AP AR and cash flow forecasting. He then moved on to FTSE 100 and Malaysian property developers in finance manager roles.

During this time Oliver worked with a wide range of funding partners from banks to individual investors. The scale of these projects varied from 2-3 houses in the Home Counties up to large multi-phase developments in central London – £2m to £400m.

Since January 2020 Oliver has been residing in Perth Australia, forming a property investment trust with a group of individual investors.

Oliver’s SME background means he understands the immediate concern of running your business often doesn’t allow the opportunity to look into longer term planning. Maintaining key relationships with customers and suppliers is first and foremost, with any review of potential future funding requirements often an after-thought.

His expertise will allow you to get on with the things that matter whilst providing you with the peace of mind that the future of your business is being looked after.

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