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The majority of small and medium sized businesses in the UK are affected by late payments.

Whether it’s a single invoice or a larger portion of the sales ledger, not being paid as per terms ends up costing businesses significantly more than they realise in time and resources.

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How important is it to protect cashflow?

  • Small business are currently chasing more than £50bn of late payments
    [Tide, 2020]

  • Cash flow and working capital management remain top business priorities
    [ICAEW members, 2022]

  • The average UK SME is chasing five outstanding invoices at any one time
    [Tide, 2020]

  • Over a third of company directors said they had faced an increase in late payments during the pandemic, with almost one in ten reporting they had experienced significantly more problems than usual
    [IoD, 2021]

  • Businesses with anything between 10 and 50 employees have an average of eight invoices outstanding, racking up £13,000 being owed on average
    [Tide, 2020]

  • Eight in 10 UK companies said that improving credit risk management is a strategic priority for the year
    [Intrum, 2022]

  • SMEs in the capital having an average of seven invoices outstanding, spending over two hours a day chasing
    [Tide, 2022]

  • 83% (of business owners) say they regularly work outside of ‘normal’ office hours, with more than half (55%) working weekends and 2 in 5 working on bank holidays (40%)
    [Tide, 2020]

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